The stage was charged with performances like, Dance, Music, speeches, special appearances, Dramas and many more entertainment shows. Talents and lots of festive grandeur were showcased to herald all the anticipated and published actor’s night which took place on the 28th of October 2018 at Elders court Nnewi. The host being AGN chapter of Nnewi, have been on the spotlight in Anambra state chapter of Nnewi.

Among Notable members are artists like Prince Amaechi, Nche security, Maya, Deutch, Mr Ibu, Lady J, Iniedo Nnewi, Kennedy,and many more.

On the day of the event proper, we saw popular Nollywood artist like Evangelist Leo Ewuzie, Nche Nollywood(Collins Muonago) Mayor Ofoegbu, Nze Odira(Igbowood) etc
Musical artist like Double silencer, Larry Blaze, and many others.

The house came on fire when Notable dancers like Dancers from MTVIBES MEDIA GROUP; The Mob and Sky C came on stage to perform alongside musical artist like double silencer, Larry blaze and many more. Comic and tragic dramas of different characters took the stage, featuring Mr Ibu (Nnewi), Bethelez, (An mtvibes media Musical artist)Lady J and others.

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