What is an artist manager?

A manager is someone who handles the day to day business dealings on behalf of an artist or band. The artist is in charge of creating the art and usually has an overall vision for the project, but it’s the managers’ job to take that vision, map out a viable plan, and execute it. A manager is also kind of the ring-leader of the business. Meaning agents, lawyers, publicists, business managers, promoters, labels, etc. don’t make substantial moves without conferring with the manager since their word is as good as the artist themselves. Artist management is one of the most personal jobs in the music business.


When is an artist ready for management?

Everyone is different, but here’s some things we look for:

From the moment you started the group or brand, you took it seriously (while having fun, of course) and put real thought into everything. The music is refreshing, well written, and produced with intention. People other than you should be talking about your music… like, a decent amount. There should be the beginnings of a brand that makes one feel something when they listen to your music, look at your photos, attend your shows, and check out your news. We need to see you in our newsfeed on Spotify, Facebook, Instagram,twitter etc. We want to go to local venues and see your poster on the wall. You can sell out a 400 persons venue in your local market and have a couple of small tours under your belt that you booked yourself. You feverishly e-mailed some decent blogs or hired a publicist to get some solid press from local and national music outlets. That is when you should book us and we will do the rest.



Please review our fee through our admin before paying and filling our forms. Thank you for choosing MTvibes media.

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