MEET ISRAEL VOICE…Talented upcoming Gospel Musical artist.


Most times, Big things come in small packages. It is not how long we lived that matters but what we achieved within the limited period of time we lived. After the search for the celebrity of the week, Mtvibes media crew met a young talented upcoming artist in the field of music. Here is the short interview:

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: Sir, may we know your name.

ARTIST: My name is Israel Chikezie Voice as i am popularly called.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW:Nice to meet you. Please may we know where you are from.

ARTIST: I am from Umuahia in Abia state.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW:What type of music do you do?

ARTIST: I am a gospel artist.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: Ok. Have got an album?

ARTIST: No really, but i am working towards that. I only have done some single tracks.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: Thats really nice. May we know your hobbies.

ARTIST: Smiles. Well I love making friends, travelling, reading and playing musical instruments.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: Playing musical instrument? are there musical artists who don’t like playing musical instruments?

ARTIST: Yes na. Many don’t play. Not that they don’t like playing but they can’t play. LAUGHS LOUD.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: Yes, it is very possible. Don’t mind me. Just pulling your legs. In one sentence, describe Israel Chikezie.

ARTIST: Israel is a prolific gospel musician. He is of a kind-heart and embraces challenges as they come. He is all things to all men.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: Wow! All things to all men. When has been your high point and low point.

ARTIST: Oh my high point? When i am on stage doing my thing. Low point hmmmm..when i am not doing my thing.. i mean singing.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: Among your singles, do you have a hit track?

ARTIST: Ofcourse!

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: Can you share with us?

ARTIST: Why not? I enjoy IFUNANYA. It is a song on the beauty of finding a good wife. It is loved by my fans than other ones i have done. I love it too.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: Can you drop it on our website for our listeners to enjoy?

ARTIST: Why not? Its my pleasure.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: That is quite sweet of you. Listeners please, leave comment after listening. Thank you! So what challenges have you met on the way before?

ARTIST: You know as an artist, finance is always the first problem. And then acceptance, especially being accepted by your people.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: And now, are you beginning to record any breakthrough.

ARTIST: Yes. at least, your company have discovered me. This is my major breakthrough now.

To contact Israel voice, click here

PHONE NO: +2348104825368

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