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Tank u heavenly father for this day .it is finally na today.tank u for a wonderful weather..come let’s have fun together at city global hotel off pH road owerri imo state.4pm.taking south east entertainment to another level of all my crew members tank u for ur full supports towards the brand.we will keep growing in Gods glory..
. Ekwe sure.

e-CELEB AWARDS….Featuring Bethelez, Ekwe sure and a host of other celebrities.









The brand that recognizes and supports talents in IMO state and South -easthern Nigeria generally. The brand is consistent,supportive,and excellence- driven. Here’s a brand to identify with any day or time .
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EVENT VENUE: CITY GLOBAL HOTEL off PortHarcourt road, Owerri, Imo state as lots of Celebrities will be their live to entertain you while plenty awards will be given to celebrities who have distinguished themselves in the art of entertainment.



From tomorrow we shall be giving free tickets on radio @hot99.5fm Owerri Imo state. Listen to Nganga radio program  from 3-4pm (Mon, wed and Fridays) so tune in to win yourself some tickets…#Ecelebawards2018#oct7th

Finally the award plaques are in town.we are not joking. Somedayz to go..go get ur tickets..



6 days to go.@ecelebawards week..lord God we know its already a success..happy new month to all my fans who are alive seeing this post.its a prove DAT God has been faithful to us..Nigeria is a blessed country and we shall all be great and successful people and bring positive change to our country..
Foto by Richkraft FILMS
Jacket by Naimat Incredibledesignz Kareem
#oct7th——Stanley e-SURE Akalonu. PROGRAM HOST.

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MOVIE SHOOT starts tomorrow this 26TH Sept, 2018.


MTvibes media academy invites interested actors and actresses to the movie production of the story titled, “Iron eye”.






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MEET ISRAEL VOICE…Talented upcoming Gospel Musical artist.


Most times, Big things come in small packages. It is not how long we lived that matters but what we achieved within the limited period of time we lived. After the search for the celebrity of the week, Mtvibes media crew met a young talented upcoming artist in the field of music. Here is the short interview:

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: Sir, may we know your name.

ARTIST: My name is Israel Chikezie Voice as i am popularly called.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW:Nice to meet you. Please may we know where you are from.

ARTIST: I am from Umuahia in Abia state.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW:What type of music do you do?

ARTIST: I am a gospel artist.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: Ok. Have got an album?

ARTIST: No really, but i am working towards that. I only have done some single tracks.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: Thats really nice. May we know your hobbies.

ARTIST: Smiles. Well I love making friends, travelling, reading and playing musical instruments.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: Playing musical instrument? are there musical artists who don’t like playing musical instruments?

ARTIST: Yes na. Many don’t play. Not that they don’t like playing but they can’t play. LAUGHS LOUD.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: Yes, it is very possible. Don’t mind me. Just pulling your legs. In one sentence, describe Israel Chikezie.

ARTIST: Israel is a prolific gospel musician. He is of a kind-heart and embraces challenges as they come. He is all things to all men.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: Wow! All things to all men. When has been your high point and low point.

ARTIST: Oh my high point? When i am on stage doing my thing. Low point hmmmm..when i am not doing my thing.. i mean singing.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: Among your singles, do you have a hit track?

ARTIST: Ofcourse!

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: Can you share with us?

ARTIST: Why not? I enjoy IFUNANYA. It is a song on the beauty of finding a good wife. It is loved by my fans than other ones i have done. I love it too.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: Can you drop it on our website for our listeners to enjoy?

ARTIST: Why not? Its my pleasure.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: That is quite sweet of you. Listeners please, leave comment after listening. Thank you! So what challenges have you met on the way before?

ARTIST: You know as an artist, finance is always the first problem. And then acceptance, especially being accepted by your people.

MTVIBES MEDIA CREW: And now, are you beginning to record any breakthrough.

ARTIST: Yes. at least, your company have discovered me. This is my major breakthrough now.

To contact Israel voice, click here

PHONE NO: +2348104825368



So you want to be in the entertainment industry? You’ve wanted to ever since college. Or ever since high school. Or ever since you can remember. You may have a specific goal, a position or style you are dying to attain or showcase, or maybe it’s just the industry as a whole that attracts you. Still, the fire burns within and you are all set out to take the leap. And yet, you haven’t tried to break in. Why not? but you can. It is simple! That is if you will take a look.

A lot of people give up on their entertainment dreams before they even get close to making them a reality, sometimes before they even get a little forward in that direction. The big reason I’ve come across people who say they just couldn’t stand to live in Lagos or can’t move to Enugu for whatever reason (family, finances, etc.). When starting your entertainment career…

STEP ONE: Banish Excuses

There are millions of people working in entertainment all over the Nigeria, the majority of them outside Lagos are Millions. So if not being in Lagos is your big excuse, sorry, Buddy. That’s just not going to work here. Neither is too old, too young, too uneducated, too poor, too short, too large or any one of 1,000 other excuses. For every excuse you can come up with, I can give you multiple examples of people who against all odds got in and made entertainment careers for themselves. I hope you get what i am saying?

STEP TWO: Don’t Think “Us” Versus “Them”

You ever see the high school pictures of people who are now famous, people like Brad Pitt and Pete Edochie? They were us once, too. They weren’t always superstars. They were unknowns who hadn’t really done anything except do the normal things we do. I’m sure they had similar mundane pastimes, just like us. And people you maybe haven’t heard of, such as Tunde kelani, Chico Ejiro, Tchidi chikere, and J.J. George, Amaka Igwe who are at the top of the entertainment industry behind-the-scenes, they were just starting out once, too.

STEP THREE: Forget About Fear

I know, I know. Easy to say. I’m not saying don’t feel it. I’m not saying fight it. It’s going to be there just like it is every time you step out of your comfort zone and start a new career endeavor, especially one you’ve built up in your mind for a long time. So get used to it and try not to think about it. Simple!

STEP FOUR: Find Mentors

I divide mentors into two categories: real mentors and paper mentors. Real mentors are people you know already or reach out to for information/guidance. You develop a relationship with them where they impart knowledge to you and, whether they know it or not (it really doesn’t matter), they are your mentors. Paper mentors are people you read about (or see stories about in the media). They don’t know you, but you are educated and inspired by them. Two of my entertainment career paper mentors (among many, many of them) are Mel Gibson and Denzel Washinton. For completely different reasons, each motivates me and I get lessons for my own career by reading about theirs. I advise you to find mentors of each type, real and paper, and use their stories to help you with your own entertainment career path.


There will be challenges. There will be times of doubt. You will hear “no.” Maybe you will hear “no” a lot. You may want to quit. But the sooner you decide you will not quit, the sooner you go all in, at least in your mind, the more energy you will put into the task at hand, be it becoming an entertainment marketing executive or a television director or music manager or the next Brad Pitt/Julia Roberts.

So start with Step One and by the time you get through Step Five, you will have a solid base from which to continue your journey toward making your entertainment dreams a reality. No matter where you are, no matter who you are, no matter what.

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Miss Positive Image Abia 2018


The Stage is set Again for a Divinely Inspired Contest and a Personality Legend Award + Campaign for The Needy.

These events will be Coming From The Divine Table of Positive-Image Concept, Aba City of Abia state on the 6th of October, 2018.

Experience Live Entertainment Like Never before, As Positive-Image Concept Present MISS POSITIVE-IMAGE ABIA 2018, U have not Seen it Like this before !!!

Forms are still available. Click here to download form. To get more information about this coming contest, click here to visit Positive Image blog.

Winner of Miss Umuchieze beauty contest, Abia state.

To view the past Beauty contest organized by POSITVE IMAGE CONCEPT, Then, known as DIVINE IMAGE CONCEPT In collaboration with MTVIBES MEDIA at Lopkaukwu in Abia state, CLICK HERE.

To View pictures of the past beauty contest collaboratively organized by Positive Image concept and MTvibes media, click here. 

BETHELEZ AND HIS SONG TITLED “My Overdose” (An interview)


An interview led by a team of media practitioners from MTVIBES MEDIA during The top celebrity search for the week.

MTVIBES MEDIA: Sir may we know you.

BETHELEZ: Ofcourse. My name is Bethel Ezeh Chisimdi. I am popularly know musically as Bethelez. Bethelez is an Abia born Gospel artist who has great passion for entertainment. He is also a writer, an actor, a blogger, teacher and a musician. Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

MTVIBES MEDIA: Wow! Thats really crazy. You alone doing all these? How do you manage to carry all of them?

Image may contain: 4 people

BETHELEZ: I wake up every morning, Go through my lesson note before i bath to prepare for school. At school, i teach English literature and cultural and creative arts which basically falls within my field. At my ample time and according to my mood, i either rehearse my songs with my guitar or open my laptop to either blog or edit my scripts. Acting has been my hobby. As a matter of fact, i read Theatre arts in school and as we know that every Theatre artist is known as a Thespian. So am a Thespian! Image may contain: 1 person

MTVIBES MEDIA: That’s so sweet. I wish i can do all these. As a musician, How has it been with you?

BETHELEZ: Well i thank God, The giver of life and talent. He has not deprived me of any these things. I am actually doing my best. Though I have not started promoting due to the numerous tasks i have been embarking on. You know i recently got married.Image may contain: Arthur Richard Okenwa, sitting

MTVIBES MEDIA: I was coming to that but..

BETHELEZ: I know. I know. So, I have only done an album late last year. The title is ‘My overdose” I have not promoted much but i will soon start a massive promo on it. I think people love it! You know, at first, i was skeptical about being accepted by listeners but now i am fully convinced that i have what it takes.

MTVIBES MEDIA: Which song in your album will make the hit?

BETHELEZ: Well, i can’t say which, somehow because, many of my listeners had shocked me with their preference of my song. Some love the song i rate lowest the most and vice versa. So it’s hard to say but i think i received more ovation for the song titled, Nidi Uso. Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and textNIDI USO is a mixture of English and Igbo tongue which i dedicated onto the ominiscient and omnipresent God who make men into who they become. Who cares not about one’s background to set one on high.He goes directly to execute his will no matter the magnitude of the obstacle. This thoughts inspired this artist to sing this song. ‘N’idi uso’ simply means, “YOU ARE SWEET”.

MTVIBES MEDIA: Wow! I hope you will permit us to embed it on our web page for people to download and listen to?

BETHELEZ: Ofcourse. You are my manager. It is your right from the beginning. But i will prefer it more if my listeners will drop their comments after listening. I love criticism and recommendations. I am very elastic and teachable.

MTVIBES MEDIA: Ok. Now let us come to your marital status (Smiles) Pls who is Bethelez Maritally?

BETHELEZ: SMILES. Well Bethelez is a legally married man. Married to a beauty queen. I call her Babee. I don’t want to say much on that. You can get the full gist on MTvibes media blog spot.

MTVIBES MEDIA: LAUGHS OUT. It is well. I guess i wasn’t here then but it is all good. I will go see for my self. So, Throughout this struggle, when was your high point and low point?Image may contain: 1 person

BETHELEZ: Hmmmm! My high point. the day CMEKS MUSIC agreed to market my audio if i could only provide money for printing. Someone said they don’t accept songs anymore. That they only accept good videos that are already in the market but within me, i knew i was better than that. So when i was told to get some money for the printing, I knew they liked it!

My low point, The time i was shooting my first own movie series, titled ‘Campus unrest’. I was almost through when i received the news of my Moms Death. I packed up and that was how the movie i spent two years to write never saw the daylight. Though, i am beginning to work for its re shoot.

MTVIBES MEDIA: That’s so sad. So sorry for the loss.

BETHELEZ: That’s a long time ago. God knows the best.

MTVIBES MEDIA: what are your other hobbies?

BETHELEZ: I love playing football. I thought i will be a footballer. I love reading, playing music, watching films and making good friends.Image may contain: Bethel Ezeh, outdoor

MTVIBES MEDIA: What obstacles have you encountered in the course of shaping a career as this?


BETHELEZ: SMILES: Dear. in this country, idea without cash is half dead and forgotten. Unless you have someone or your God locates you. If not, if you have that passion to succeed, then you must be prepared to pay your dues. And when i mean dues, I mean dues in hard currency. No matter how talented you are, you need the money for endorsement. Atleast, you need to pay studio fees, make album art na, visit studio for correction, you will buy fuel, transport yourself, Bath up, buy data, write your song, learn to play instrument, buy your own instrument and the time spent looking for one thing or the other plus reaction from people around you. Things like having an overbearing parents and antagonistic siblings. MY people were not antagonistic but a lot of artists are facing such challenges. Mine was Poverty. Simple! Though i have conquered it by Gods grace. I am a gospel artist. Doing Gods work surely pays.Image may contain: 5 people, including Arthur Richard Okenwa, text

MTVIBES MEDIA:Have you ever been tempted to join the secular artists?Image may contain: Arthur Richard Okenwa, standing, plant, stripes, tree and outdoor

BETHELEZ: Well, right from when i began the music thing, I never for one day dream of leaving the gospel.

Romans 1:16 says, ‘For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile’.

Many of my artist friends are secular. We started together. Some left mid way and became secular artist. Sometimes they try to persuade me to join them because i do back up singing too. So when i take their back up only for professional purpose, they will be like, “Guy, why not come secular, you are too good for gospel”. I will smile and walk away. My mind is made up. Gospel till i die!
MTVIBES MEDIA: That is very interesting. Romans 1:16. You just taught me a verse of the scripture. SMILES. Iuse to hear my pastor say it but don’t know the verse. Thanks for that.

BETHELEZ: You are welcomed. SMILES.

MTVIBES MEDIA: What are we expecting from Bethelez next?

BETHELEZ: Simply put, Explosion! God is about to bring a new wave of song unto the lips of men this latter days. This is beyond inspiration. It is from the word. Like my Pastor David Oyedepo would say, ‘This is a mixed season….a season of trials for the world and triumph for the church of God”. Songs of truth. Not of cheer and prosperity. Song for the hope of eternity and reproof of sin.

Click here to download Bethelez (N’idi Uso)

Please leave comment on this page after downloading. (Download is free. share with friends)  To have us interview and publish your story, click here to contact us.

MTVIBES MEDIA: Interesting! I can’t wait anymore! (LAUGHS LOUD) So where do you see Bethelez in the next 3 years.

Bethelez: Hmmm! 1 Corinthians 2:9 But as it is written:“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,Nor have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” I will feature lots of big Gospel stars like Chris Mogan, Frank Edwards, Iben, Joe praise, Nathaniel bassy, Sinachi and many more.

MTVIBES MEDIA: Please one word for aspiring Gospel artists.

BETHELEZ: Well, like i will always talk from the scriptures. Because the word of God is the only panacea to human frustration. Patience is very important to every gospel artist. God does not bless you immediately you start his work. It is devil that does that to entice you towards your damnation. God normally watches to see your faithfulness before he will bless you.

HABAKUK 2:3 This vision is for a future time. It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled. If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed. That is all i have to tell them.

MTVIBES MEDIA: Gosh! This was awesome! We appreciate your time sir. We will be happy to speak with you some other time.

BETHELEZ: The pleasure is mine. God bless you richly.

Go social to contact BETHELEZ





Who knows the Bible is a Bible TV Show designed by MTvibes media to encourage the reading and studying of the bible. Young people across the country will be getting into Bible quizzing, gaining an intense desire for the word of God, and entering a deep relationship with its author.  Bible quizzing is a great way to encourage young people to study the Scriptures and win prizes here on earth before the eternal reward.  VISIT OUR BLOG.

Through quizzing they will experience a deep fellowship commitment with their own team, their competition, and, most importantly, with Jesus Christ.

By starting a quiz team or a quiz program we are taking on a noble and rewarding task. The goal of this section of the website is to provide you with necessary platform and information so that you can compete and win but most importantly to have a relationship with God through his word. We have divided the categories into the four listed below.  We have the ADULT, TEEN, GROUP AND FAMILY categories in WHO KNOWS THE BIBLE QUIZ COMPETITION.


Kickoff Tournament


November 24th and 25th, 2018.



Material and Rules

John 1-4

WKTB Rules

Cost and Registration

To be published later!

Registration is due by November 8

Sponsors should click here to learn how they can be part of this program



What is an artist manager?

A manager is someone who handles the day to day business dealings on behalf of an artist or band. The artist is in charge of creating the art and usually has an overall vision for the project, but it’s the managers’ job to take that vision, map out a viable plan, and execute it. A manager is also kind of the ring-leader of the business. Meaning agents, lawyers, publicists, business managers, promoters, labels, etc. don’t make substantial moves without conferring with the manager since their word is as good as the artist themselves. Artist management is one of the most personal jobs in the music business.


When is an artist ready for management?

Everyone is different, but here’s some things we look for:

From the moment you started the group or brand, you took it seriously (while having fun, of course) and put real thought into everything. The music is refreshing, well written, and produced with intention. People other than you should be talking about your music… like, a decent amount. There should be the beginnings of a brand that makes one feel something when they listen to your music, look at your photos, attend your shows, and check out your news. We need to see you in our newsfeed on Spotify, Facebook, Instagram,twitter etc. We want to go to local venues and see your poster on the wall. You can sell out a 400 persons venue in your local market and have a couple of small tours under your belt that you booked yourself. You feverishly e-mailed some decent blogs or hired a publicist to get some solid press from local and national music outlets. That is when you should book us and we will do the rest.



Please review our fee through our admin before paying and filling our forms. Thank you for choosing MTvibes media.


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