Mtvibes media is pleased to submit a proposal for engagement as an independent contractor for the specific purpose of developing a World Wide Web site to be installed for your organisation, business,brand, school etc A Web space to be created on an Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) server. Hereafter, YOU will be known as the “Client” and Mtvibes media will be known as the “Developer.”

Unlimited Hosting Service
Mtvibes media will secure a hosting service on your behalf.

Domain Name Registration
Mtvibes media will register a private domain name for you

Maintenance/ Updates
Ongoing maintenance by Mtvibes media will be billed at N5,000 per maintenance.

Maintenance Agreements are negotiated on a Client by Client basis as each Client will have differing needs. This is another way the Mtvibes media seeks to help the Client control cost.
Mtvibes media offers two kinds of maintenance. In one, the Client pays affixed monthly rate for such things as changing price to an item, adding additional inventory, making moderate graphic changes, and coordinating delivery of the Web site with the Host Provider. In the other hand, the customer pays on an ‘as needed’ basis.
Annual contracts are available.

Website Project Scope
Mtvibes media will build professional, database driven, search engine friendly and flash enabled website for you. The website will have the following features and more;

Site Features
• Estimated 15 to 20 pages.
• Property buy order request application
• To be built using up to five different, original page templates.
• On-line registration to accommodate complete owner and property data, including services requested.
• Registration data to be automatically entered into your database.
• News update application to keep customers informed of prevailing news natural Medicine
• Patient registration application for new and existing members. Your E-payment gateway to allow charging agent registration fee(optional)
• Routine maintenance possible by you using back-office.
• Contact us page for general inquiries
• And many more

Completion Date
MTvibes media and you will work together to complete the Web site in a timely manner for both parties to remain profitable and happier. A rough draft will be available online within 24 hours after receipt of deposit. Full Site will be completed within one week after approval of rough draft. You will provide MTvibes media with any and all content, graphics, and other information necessary to complete the Web site.

Please Compare Our Website Development Plans Below

Cooperate Business Website Design Plan
Items                                                                                                  Price(Naira)
Domain Name Registration for 2 years                                                 4,000.00
Unlimited Web hosting + Unlimited Bandwidth For 1 year                      25,000.00
Setup Fee                                                                                           10,000.00
Web Design, Development & Hosting                                                   20,000.00
Cooperate Real Estate Business Web Application Development             10,000.00
Personalized Unlimited Email Hosting                                                   2,500.00
Database Design & Integration                                                            5,000.00
Maintenance & Update                                                                  Free For the first 60 days
Website Promotion                                                                       Free For 3 Months
Total N76,500.00

Standard Business Website Design Plan
Items                                                                                               Price(Naira)
Domain Name Registration for 1 years                                              2,000.00
2 GB Web hosting + Limited Bandwidth                                             5,000.00
Setup Fee                                                                                        4,000.00
Web Design, Development & Hosting                                                20,000.00
Standard Patient Web Application Development                                 4,000.00
Personalized Email Hosting& Configuration (limited)                           2,000.00
Standard Database Design & Integration                                           3,000.00
Maintenance Fee                                                                             negotiable
Website Promotion                                                                          negotiable
Total                                                                                               N40,000.00

Start Up Business Website Design Plan
Items                                                                                             Price(Naira)
Domain Name Registration for 1 years                                             2,000.00
500 MB Web hosting + Limited Bandwidth                                        5,000.00
Setup Fee                                                                                       3,000.00
Web Design, Development & Hosting                                               15,000.00
Standard Patient Web Application Development                                negotiable
Personalized Email Hosting & Configuration (limited)                        1,500.00
Database Design & Integration                                                        3,000.00
Maintenance Fee                                                                            negotiable
Website Promotion                                                                         negotiable
Total                                                                                              N29,500.00

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to submit a quotation for your website design project. We await your prompt and positive response as we are poised to deliver to you a creative, database driven, flash enabled, search engine friendly and super real estate website.

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